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Blue Light Acne Treatment Reviews and automatic chinese acupuncture stimulator - Sanatorium. The VAS score for childbirth pain intensity was significantly lower in EA group than in control group (p0.05). The duration of the active phase of the first stage of labour was significantly lower in EA group than in sham-EA group (p0.05).

We all have our natural healing process, and acupuncture stimulates this. The more the merrier, as they say. Women are treated up to four months before being treated with an ART method. Treatment during that time should include acupuncture. Acupuncture can also be therapeutic.

Two basic TCM theories explain and describe phenomena in nature, including human beings: Yin-Yang Theory and the Five Phases Theory or Five Element Theory.

Compared with the pharmacological treatments of sibutramine, fenfluramine or orlistat, acupuncture was again superior, with a body weight reduction RR of 1.14 (95% CI 1.03 to 1.25) and mean difference of 0.65kg (95% CI -0.61 to 1.91), and a BMI reduction mean difference of 0.83 (95% CI 0.29 to 1.37).

Why should I worry about bruises, sprains and strains? It is the view of Chinese Medicine that unattended bruises form lumps under the skin. They may go unnoticed, but they are palpable. They may be round bumps or flat leathery or patches. From the Western point of view, such bumps are the result of increased connective tissue buildup (fibrosis) in the area, localized water retention, edema, or waste material such as blood clots which have yet to be broken down and eliminated. From the Chinese point of view, all such conditions are stagnation of either Qi or blood.

In 1995, the acupuncture needles were accepted as medical instruments by the United States Food and Drug Administration. They assured that acupuncture needles were effective and safe for use. It is now widely accepted as a part of medical studies in major schools such as UCLA. These schools provide acupuncture training as a part of their curriculum.

The research to date is limited and better trials, incorporating a diagnosis based on TCM differentiation along with pain scales and immune function measurements are advisable.

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